University Varna

University Varna

University Varna

The Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraškev Stoyanov" is located in the center of Varna. Varna is a population of 330,000, the third largest city in Bulgaria. The location on the west coast, right on the Black Sea, the famous gold beach, making it a popular tourist destination of Deutschten, English and Dutch, and is a large industrial, cultural center.

The University of Medicine of Varna was established in 1960th Since 1995 it bears the name 'Prof. Dr. Paraškev Stoyanob'.
The Medical University in Varna har four faculties: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and health management. At the university include the Medical College, a foreign language, communication and sports department, the Vocational Education Centre and a branch of the University in Sliven.

The Medical University of Varna is a very modern University- all seminar rooms and lecture halls are equipped with 3D technologies, the building of the Faculty of Dentistry is only a few years old. The university has a staff of 137 professors and lecturers and 335 academic staff, most of whom are recognized worldwide.


The study subject is taught in English. The standard period of study is 6 years in which students will be trained highly qualified doctors and get her master's degree and doctor of medicine. The courses typically include 10 semester academic education. The usual academic way in Bulgaria is structured so that the first two years focusing on pre-clinical studies and theories, the next three years are usually applied to clinical trials and the program is finally completed with an internship in various areas, to the promotion the study of medicine in Varna follows. In studying a practical year is intended to be completed. After depositing the academic curriculum, the Paxisjahres and after passing the state exam, graduates obtain the qualification Physician od. Doctor of Medicine (MD) or a recognized and in the EU, as well as worldwide master's degree.


At the Medical University of Varna, the course of dentistry in English is taught. On average, the duration of studies over six years is associated with an internship and a half years. Starting with the theory and the fundamentals of medical and biological knowledge, which takes up a total of two years, the students have to practically reflect their learned knowledge between the third and fifth year in a clinical training. Here, students complete a special training for dental pre- us post clinical procedures. In addition, a special training in pediatrics, mouth, face and jaw surgery, denture studies, classical dentistry and orthodontics Parosontologie is assumed to be completed. Finally follows the graduate of the State examination end of the sixth year. Qualified with the master and the title of dentist graduates are entitled to all privileges in the EU and in other foreign countries.

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